Worst League of Legends players pt1

So I'm currently leveling a smurf through co-op vs AI (intermediate). I've come across all sorts of players. Some trolling, some laming, some thinking they're pro and there's ofcourse also a minority.. In co-op intermediate anyway. This minority is so bad that it's laughable. My brother (Fiddlesticks in this video) and I were duo-Q'ing co-op. We were literally laughing our asses off at the 2 shown in this video. This was the first time ever that I've seen players like these. Note: This video was recorded a few weeks ago and I haven't done anything with it till now. I'll be bringing out more of these videos soon. Tags: league of legends bad terrible worst players summoners rift feeders trolls noobs newbies rookies unexperienced mordekaiser miss fortune fail annie fed feed killing spree rampage

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