Where did the water for Noah’s flood come from?

a6kl2 Asked: Where did the water for Noah’s flood come from?

To flood the earth, sea level would have to rise 30,000 feet; However, there is not even enough water in the atmosphere to raise sea level 2 inches.

-Water in the atmosphere only accounts for 0.001% of the water on earth, according to USGS.
-2042.989854 cubic miles of water are need to raise sea depth 1 inch, there are 3,094 cubic miles of water in the atmosphere.

So where does this water come from, I've heard creationists claim it shot out of the mid-Atlantic rift, which created the moon when some of the water apparently obtained escape velocity. I don't like this idea because the moon is made of rock along with other obvious reasons.

Trivia fact: For it to rain 30,000ft in 40 days, it would average 6.25inches every minute, while the most rain recorded to fall in one minute is a mere 31.2 mm.


Agnostique Athe Omnisciente Answered:
I think another great question would be, Where did it all go?

DIXIE Answered:
It came from someones idea, head, then written down into a book, then taught to the masses (well those who would listen, but they all appeared to ,why, they stayed alive as a "believer".
The meaning of this non event was I believe salvation (my belief, belonging to me) and it got people to learn to swim. Your maths prove the incident is "not exactly as told."

Nazim Answered:
The Quran clarifies the story. The Earth was not flooded as many Christians claim. It was a local flood that engulfed the people of Noah. As for the water, it sprang from Earth and also from heavy rains.

You may check this link for further info:

Gazoo for Prezident Answered:
Genesis 7:11 In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.

Apparently Heaven has windows…..and the water came through them.I really hope NASA doesn't screw up and hit one.

guitarrman45 Answered:
There is enough water in the earth and above the earth to flood it. If you would read the bible, it would say that the fountains of the deep also opened up. The mountains are as tall as they are do to plate tectonics. The mountains weren't as tall back then.

Mathew Answered:
The land was resting on top of great, underground reservoirs. The shell of the earth cracked open, and the land settled, sinking under the water and shooting the water high into the sky, whereupon it rained back down, flooding the world.

Aphetoros Answered:
God sprinkled some magic dust in the water, Obviously.

Also with the help of instant pool water.


Terminator Version Six Answered:
It, like everything else (according to religious nuts) was "intelligently designed."

The Temptress Answered:
Hey, fundies don't like it when you try to impose logic and common sense on their stories!

Gabby little angel Answered:
After a heavy night of drinking, god took a leak on the earth.

Miguel Answered:
Why would it be impossible? Where were you when it came down? So how can you make a claim?

Md Answered:
underground rivers and oceans

Ugly Answered:
Magical Sky Pixies?

Kawika 808hi Answered:
This from a Communist who publishes important work on the web!

Creation Detective Answered:
The ice caps rapidly melted.

Momofthreeboys Answered:
Don't waste your knowledge on here.

Chapter and Verse Answered:
I know

Prncess Dsy Srs Answered:
probably all glaciers including oceans melted into water

Jonas Answered:
……high fiiiiive

Tsk Tsk Answered:

Eclectic Eccentric Spammer No1 Answered:
Come theists, explain it.I'd like to hear this.Where's my popcorn..anyone make any? F u ck.

Alex Answered:
The original Bible text (scrolls) never said it was a global flood.

Why are you repeating what fundamentists have interpreted as the Noah story?

(I am getting tired of, otherwise intelligent,people repeating what the fundies preach and then thinking it is in the Bible.)

The History channel covered that in one of their documentaries.

.Firstly, — Noah's (small) world was flooded; not the whole world as we know it today. (The documentary indicated it could have occurred in Mesopotamia.)

Gen. 7:4 – For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth [erets] forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off face of the earth [adamah].

The part "face of the earth" in this verse in Hebrew reads as ;paniym adamah. These two words don't mean the *whole earth". but a territory or country. Ergo: the Bilbe doesn't say it was a global flood.

Incidentally, when I was in the jungles of Vietnam, it rained for a little more than 40 days and nights during the wet-monsoons. — It was a yearly event. It did not flood the whole world. — The people of that area build their houses on stilts just to prepare them for those wet monsoons that usually lasted about 40 days. – go figure.

Secondly, – the animals to be saved were the local animals — they did not mention Elephants and Giraffes, like the Sunday school pictorials. — penguins and aardvarks were not mentioned in the Bible either.

Thirdly, the Ark was an expression for "container/containers that floated"

fourthly, Those containers (arks) were already built. They were called barges which were used for commerce during that time – for moving grains and livestock down river. Also wine as I recall.

fifthly , Those containers simply needed to be amassed and tied together, by Noah or whoever.

Sjnoring Ejverloodyr Answered:
If you will read the account of the flood in Genesis 6-8, you will see that it not only rained, but"all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.(Genesis 7:11)"It rained, but also great geysers of water poured out water from the ground.

I suppose you say it had to rain 30,000 feet to cover the mountains, but mountains may not have been as tall before the flood.

Some speculate that all of the continents were joined together before the flood and when they began to break apart, the stress caused the mountains to be pushed upwards. This would have helped the waters to drain off and would also explain why there have been sea-life fossils found at the top of many mountains.

This seems to fit in with Psalm 104:6-8; "You covered it with the deep as with a garment; the waters stood above the mountains. At your rebuke they fled; at the sound of your thunder they took to flight. The mountains rose, the valleys sank down to the place that you appointed for them." (ESV)

Note after the flood, "the mountains rose" and "the valleys sank down".

God doesnt exist moron Answered:
you ever been to the beach? .. theres quite a bit of it ..

Joe Uncle Answered:
your wifes, i'm not even gonna say that.

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