What if Kirby met Mario in a Mario/Kirby crossover game?

Brandon Campbell Asked: What if Kirby met Mario in a Mario/Kirby crossover game?

I know that they're both in SSB but what if these two specifically were in a game together?
The scenario takes place after SMG2 when bowser falls through the wormhole. He comes out of it normal sized and lands in Dreamland. It's a totally different demention, and Bowser wakes up confused at first. He wonders why he's not in the Mushroom Kingdom. Then he sees stars in this world as well but they're not like the power stars in his homworld. He super powers them and turns them into power stars. This being said, Kirby eventually wkes up from one of his little naps and finds out that all the stars have changed. At first it doesn't really matter to him, and he thinks it's a good thing. But then he finds out that someone sinister looking is behind all of this. Sooner or later, he gathers them all in one spot and them spreads them around. Some grand stars create a rift in the sky that leads to the Mushroom Kingdom Universe. Kirby Follows it into the rift. (the spred of the stars out of place makes dream land go dark in places) Due to bowsers little scheme, he transforms Dreamland into Nightmare world and it's a Nightmare yet again. Meanwhile, All is well again in the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowsers gone and they find peace yet again. All of the sudden, Mario sees a grand star flying down with an object hanging off the end of it.

He rushes over to it and finds Kirby hanging off of it. Scared at first, he poses defense against Mario. Then Mario wonders what's wrong with him and then Kirby points to a busted up statue of Bowser. Suddenly Mario becomes serious, and has Kirby lead the way to the rift. Both fly up on Kirby's warp star and the grand star follows behind them dragging a few mario power-ups with it. This is how the Game starts and I wont go into full details.

What I want are your ideas on gameplay if this was the case. 8 questions: What Kind of moves will there be? How will they switch back and forth? Does Bowser install warp pipes in his Nightmare world? What would the levels be like? How does Mario and Kirby send him back where he belongs? Do the monsters of dreamland become his minions? Does this game even sound fun? Which nintendo character would sound better to pair Mario up with?


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