Warrior PVP Gameplay in Guild Wars 2 (narrated)

My first look at the Warrior class in Structured PVP from the April 27-29 Beta Weekend Event. I discuss Warrior mechanics with two weapon setups: 1. Axe/Axe and Rifle 2. Greatsword and Sword/Axe Here are recommendations for abilities: 1. Of the 3 healing abilities, Mending seems to be the most useful, based on the short 20-sec cooldown. The passive regeneration from the Healing Signet (~180 every 3 seconds) does not offset the downside of the long 40-sec cooldown, and once you activate the Healing Signet you lose the passive regeneration 2. Of the 3 elite abilities, Signet of Rage seems to be the best choice due to the long 30-sec duration of the 3 buffs 3. Endure No Pain is a solid utility ability that is not heavy on defense/shield; the 5-sec invulnerability can buy time for your heal to come off cooldown or for you to finish an opponent 4. If your spec lacks a charge, consider picking up the utility ability Bull's Charge, which provides a knockdown effect Here are recommendations for traits for any spec: 1. Embrace the Pain trait (builds adrenaline when hit) rocks 2. Heightened Focus synergizes well with Embrace the Pain, since your crit % jumps up to 9% with a full adrenaline bar Cheers, Taugrim Twitter: @taugrim Stream: twitch.tv YouTube: youtube.com Facebook: facebook.com

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