Top 10 Most OP LoL Champions 2012 [HD]

Rammus: Does lots of damage for a tank and his taunt duration is op, his powerball also gives him super speed hard to catch and get away from. Sion: Stun, 100% lifesteal ultimate, an E spell that gives him infinite health if farmed. Katarina: I regret putting her in here she does heaps of damage but is easily countered with any cc. Volibear: A knock back which is hard to get away form because he gains speed while in its position, His W does aazing dmg because it scales off his HP, His passive keeps him alive and also scales off HP. Shaco: Best counter jungler in the game, phenomenal ganks, hard to catch, inbuit frozen mallet, hard to get away from. Kassadin: Shuts down almost every mid(or ap casters) low cd ult teleport, great harrass and damage. Cassipeia: So good mid, ult can stun whole team really annoying, OP poison which does rediculous damage, good mana costs, great carry. Fiora: Build a few tiamats and get a few pentakills, seriously ive seen 3 fiora pentakills in 5v5 summoners rift, rediculous. Jax: So much dmg, cant 1v1 him dont even try, OP dodge to stun. Morgana: Spell sheild which blocks all cc, snares last for too long and do heaps of dmg, ult stuns whole team and cant be stopped by cc expecially when she is in her shield.

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