TERA online ; Aomi bunny being Silly.

Sorry for the crappy quality of this video and the audio, I couldn't record what I was doing with fraps for some reason. So I took the video with my cellphone AKA a potato. ——————– Aomi's just messing around being.. weird. and weird. and stuff. I just wanted some Aomi footage. I like her outfit too, suits Aomi's red outfit of sorts as well! Aomi's red dress/outfit : aomiarmster.deviantart.com —————————- Anyhoo. This is Aomi a level 12 Elin /Sorcerer on the FrostReach server. I am AomiArmster on the EnMasse /TERA forums. ————- oh you might be wondering, OH LOOK AOMI IS NOT A KITTY/FOX. I liked the bunny features.. and the hair & face for this build up. Aomi bunny! it is all okay though, because in Terraria Aomi has a bunny! a minty bunny! Now being Elin in this game is like being on crack, this little thing is WAAY TOOO FAST. It took me a while to get the hang of her. I also hate that there are collision detectors in NPC and other players. I kinda like PASSING through these people because it gets so crowded -but eh, that's just me. I like the attack abilities, the skills ( mostly the ice mayhem) I like the fact I can also dye my armorstuff ( didn't do that yet) ———– Race info: tera.enmasse.com Sorcerer info: tera.enmasse.com ——————— Aomi @ RIFT: aomiarmster.deviantart.com Aomi @ Vindictus: aomiarmster.deviantart.com Aomi @ Dragon Nest: aomiarmster.deviantart.com (sorceress is now lvl 23) Aomi & a Bunny <b>…</b>

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