Teemo vs Dominion Solo-queue

Server: EU-NE Skin: Badger Teemo Masteries/Runes/Skill Order: solomid.net (The Rain Man's "A Cloudy Day v2" Teemo) Summoners: Ghost, Exhaust Item Build: Prospector's Blade, Boots of Speed, Malady, Frozen Mallet, Wit's End, Kitae's Bloodrazor, Guardian Angel Summoner's Rift: Flash, Exhaust, Item Build: Boots of Speed, 3 Health Potions; Doran's Blade; Mercury Treads, Wriggle's Lantern/Wit's End (depending on the lane, MR vs AP, Armor vs AD); Malady; Phage; Frozen Mallet; Madred's Bloodrazor; Guardian Angel

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