Taugrim’s "Iron Fist" 25/14/2 PVP Tank Spec for SWTOR Powertech / Vanguard

This video covers my "Iron Fist" 25/14/2 PVP tank spec for the Bounty Hunter Powertech and Trooper Vanguard advanced classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). Vanguard and Powertech are mirrors so this video is applicable to players of both classes. I designed the spec after discerning the limitations of the Defense (avoidance) and Shield (block) mechanics for tanks in PVP, as I documented here: taugrim.com Mitigation is king in SWTOR, and therefore the spec provides a significant amount of flat mitigation against all damage types. The Flame Burst debuff stacks along with the two 2% mitigation talents and 5% mitigation from the tanking stance to provide 13% mitigation against an opposing DPS. The 4-pc Tech set bonus, Flame Shield (Static Shield) talent, and Flame Surge (Static Surge) talent synergize to generate a high frequency of high-damage Rocket Punch (Stockstrike) crits. Here is the spec used in the video: – Powertech: www.torhead.com – Vanguard: www.torhead.com The "Iron Fist" spec has been very effective for me in PVP, both group play and solo. It's designed to support aggressive close-quarters combat gameplay: you can tank and burn down MDPS and pressure and shutdown casters and healers, while retaining Guard, charge, and debuff capability. For more information about Powertech / Vanguard PVP, please refer to my free in-depth Guide: taugrim.com I queued solo for the Huttball match shown in the video. Comments / Errata: 1. I had an incorrect Relic bound on my <b>…</b>

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