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Where did the water for Noah’s flood come from?

a6kl2 Asked: Where did the water for Noah’s flood come from?

To flood the earth, sea level would have to rise 30,000 feet; However, there is not even enough water in the atmosphere to raise sea level 2 inches.

-Water in the atmosphere only accounts for 0.001% of the water on earth, according to USGS.
-2042.989854 cubic miles of water are need to raise sea depth 1 inch, there are 3,094 cubic miles of water in the atmosphere.

So where does this water come from, I've heard creationists claim it shot out of the mid-Atlantic rift, which created the moon when some of the water apparently obtained escape velocity. I don't like this idea because the moon is made of rock along with other obvious reasons.

Trivia fact: For it to rain 30,000ft in 40 days, it would average 6.25inches every minute, while the most rain recorded to fall in one minute is a mere 31.2 mm.

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