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Am I classified as a Sociopath?

Jack P Asked: Am I classified as a Sociopath?

Hey guys,

Lately i've been convinced that I may be legally classified as a sociopath. Based on the symptoms I have read I seem to exhibit these (at least I think so):
* Superficial charming – I come off as outgoing, fun to be with, humorous. But in certain situations I come off as the shyest person in the world (i.e: Having a conversation with respected people or people of upper authority)

* Lying/Conning. – It's not the lying you think; I noticed whenever someone is in a situation where the outcome will bound to be bad I always say its going to be okay and most people tend to take my word for it even though the bad outcome is inevitable. As for the conning part I live with a roommate whom I kinda dislike (He's from China so he thinks that national ideology is superior to what I believe in; we always have different opinions on numerous issues and we always argue and he always thinks he's right even though my opinions are not too extreme). Recently I have been performing "cons" to get back at him: i.e: tainting his laundry detergent with ink so his laundry is messed up, hiding personal belongings and things of that nature. Although I don't get complete pleasure out of these things I see this as a "warning" mechanism – mess with the bull get the horns. Which brings me to my ultimate point: I really don't feel bad (remorse) for these things.

* Failure to plan ahead: i'm in college now and I have finals coming up, I made a plan to follow through how I would organize my time to study each subject but I end up studying one subject more than the others.

* Irritable: I get irritated by the littlest and dumbest things (i.e: I live in the 11th floor of a building and when a person who goes in the elevator with me to get off the 3rd or 4th floor gets me annoyed). I Also I get irritated when people take advantage of things even though I sometimes do the same (i.e: today people were giving out free coupons to restaurants and I saw the same people get 5 of those).

* Inferior Complex: Whenever I walk around it seems to me people (strings) look at me and I automatically get the feeling they have a negative impression of me. I also think my parents always think I am not that smart (I would like to think I am decent though: I graduated 3rd in my class and did very well on my standardized tests) and when they see me struggling in a subject like History they tell me to get help I automatically assume they think I am an idiot.

The thing is I don't exhibit a few of the symptoms as well like:

* Misbehavior/History of misconduct: I never gotten in trouble in school or with the authorities in my life. In fact I have never been sent to the principal's office.

* Aggressiveness: I am not an angry person and I never have gotten into a fight or any situation with assault

* Disregard for safety of others: I always look out for people and put safety first in situations and to many of my friends I am known as the "negotiator" whenever any rifts occur between people I know.

* Prone to blame others: I have always been known also to look at the optimistic sides of situations and try not to make anyone look like the bad guy.

* Low tolerance to frustration: I get frustrated all the time (a normal amount of frustration I would like to think) whether its from not understanding how to make spaghetti to solving an integral in math.

* Incapacity to maintain enduring relationships: The relationships between me, parents, siblings, friends, and co-workers have always been healthy and I have never done anything to harm that bond.

I finally ask of you if I have the anti-social personality disorder (sociopathy) based on these observations if so, does that make me insane/crazy? I am really kind of worried :/


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Posted by admin - December 7, 2011 at 3:00 am

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