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Help with creating characters?

Jordan Mcdonald Asked: Help with creating characters?

Hi, I have spent a lot of time crafting out concepts for my fantasy story that has a lot of neat ideas full of potential to expand, However I seem to always run into the problem of building great concepts and not having the ability to place characters in the story.

Of Course I have some ideas on personality and appearences but I cant seem to get started or settle on one character and slot them into an event related to the surrounding world nevermind developing intriguing goals.

So I was wondeirng if anyone here had any tips that could someone in my position, thanks.

the overall theme revolves around treasure hunters entering rifts to different worlds for powerful objects, this is seen as illegal and the government search for these as well to find resources, however the intentions are shifty. I want to main to be a treasure hunter or meet the hunter somehow to solve mutual problems and fulfill their goals entering different worlds and uncovering conspiracies. any ideas are appreciated.

The story also carry a manga feel to it if this helps.

Also how could I explain that sparse % of the population have things such as snake genetics, monkey tails etc. I have some ideas but a fresh perspective could help.

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Posted by admin - April 24, 2012 at 5:30 pm

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