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Has technology gone too far?

Someone Asked: Has technology gone too far?

In a book I was reading the author at one point tries to describe what it might have felt like to live hundreds of years ago. What your thoughts and opinions might have been as well as your views. He also describes a village in which people work together in order to survive and so they form bonds with each other.

Now, technology has a place but when I walk into the break room at work to find everyone watching Youtube or playing Angry Birds on their smart phones I start to wonder if we really have gone too far.Are we losing our link to each other as we veg out in front of the TV? Are we losing something more when everyone eats in different rooms because they want to watch different shows or surf the net as they eat? Is over use of technology building a rift between us all?

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Posted by admin - February 21, 2012 at 9:30 pm

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Am I classified as a Sociopath?

Jack P Asked: Am I classified as a Sociopath?

Hey guys,

Lately i've been convinced that I may be legally classified as a sociopath. Based on the symptoms I have read I seem to exhibit these (at least I think so):
* Superficial charming – I come off as outgoing, fun to be with, humorous. But in certain situations I come off as the shyest person in the world (i.e: Having a conversation with respected people or people of upper authority)

* Lying/Conning. – It's not the lying you think; I noticed whenever someone is in a situation where the outcome will bound to be bad I always say its going to be okay and most people tend to take my word for it even though the bad outcome is inevitable. As for the conning part I live with a roommate whom I kinda dislike (He's from China so he thinks that national ideology is superior to what I believe in; we always have different opinions on numerous issues and we always argue and he always thinks he's right even though my opinions are not too extreme). Recently I have been performing "cons" to get back at him: i.e: tainting his laundry detergent with ink so his laundry is messed up, hiding personal belongings and things of that nature. Although I don't get complete pleasure out of these things I see this as a "warning" mechanism – mess with the bull get the horns. Which brings me to my ultimate point: I really don't feel bad (remorse) for these things.

* Failure to plan ahead: i'm in college now and I have finals coming up, I made a plan to follow through how I would organize my time to study each subject but I end up studying one subject more than the others.

* Irritable: I get irritated by the littlest and dumbest things (i.e: I live in the 11th floor of a building and when a person who goes in the elevator with me to get off the 3rd or 4th floor gets me annoyed). I Also I get irritated when people take advantage of things even though I sometimes do the same (i.e: today people were giving out free coupons to restaurants and I saw the same people get 5 of those).

* Inferior Complex: Whenever I walk around it seems to me people (strings) look at me and I automatically get the feeling they have a negative impression of me. I also think my parents always think I am not that smart (I would like to think I am decent though: I graduated 3rd in my class and did very well on my standardized tests) and when they see me struggling in a subject like History they tell me to get help I automatically assume they think I am an idiot.

The thing is I don't exhibit a few of the symptoms as well like:

* Misbehavior/History of misconduct: I never gotten in trouble in school or with the authorities in my life. In fact I have never been sent to the principal's office.

* Aggressiveness: I am not an angry person and I never have gotten into a fight or any situation with assault

* Disregard for safety of others: I always look out for people and put safety first in situations and to many of my friends I am known as the "negotiator" whenever any rifts occur between people I know.

* Prone to blame others: I have always been known also to look at the optimistic sides of situations and try not to make anyone look like the bad guy.

* Low tolerance to frustration: I get frustrated all the time (a normal amount of frustration I would like to think) whether its from not understanding how to make spaghetti to solving an integral in math.

* Incapacity to maintain enduring relationships: The relationships between me, parents, siblings, friends, and co-workers have always been healthy and I have never done anything to harm that bond.

I finally ask of you if I have the anti-social personality disorder (sociopathy) based on these observations if so, does that make me insane/crazy? I am really kind of worried :/


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Posted by admin - December 7, 2011 at 3:00 am

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Where did the water for Noah’s flood come from?

a6kl2 Asked: Where did the water for Noah’s flood come from?

To flood the earth, sea level would have to rise 30,000 feet; However, there is not even enough water in the atmosphere to raise sea level 2 inches.

-Water in the atmosphere only accounts for 0.001% of the water on earth, according to USGS.
-2042.989854 cubic miles of water are need to raise sea depth 1 inch, there are 3,094 cubic miles of water in the atmosphere.

So where does this water come from, I've heard creationists claim it shot out of the mid-Atlantic rift, which created the moon when some of the water apparently obtained escape velocity. I don't like this idea because the moon is made of rock along with other obvious reasons.

Trivia fact: For it to rain 30,000ft in 40 days, it would average 6.25inches every minute, while the most rain recorded to fall in one minute is a mere 31.2 mm.

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Posted by admin - November 5, 2011 at 12:30 am

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