SWTOR Trooper Vanguard PVP Gameplay @ 14 as Tactics Spec in Alderaan

This is my first gameplay / guide video for the Vanguard advanced class in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Vanguard is the mirror class to the Bounty Hunter Powertech, so the material covered in this video is relevant to players of either class. The video provides detailed educational commentary on the DPS mechanics, CC abilities, and analysis of match play in Alderaan. Comments / Errata: 1. I ran Plasma Cell for the entire match. I did not run Ion Cell because we lacked DPS and our healing was sufficiently good that Guard was not needed To see me PVP’ing live, check out the streaming schedule on TwitchTV. My stream features real-time narration and commentary – and to the extent possible interaction with the Chat Room. Cheers, Taugrim Twitter: @taugrim Stream: twitch.tv YouTube Channel: youtube.com Facebook: facebook.com GAMEBREAKER Host for The Republic show: www.gamebreaker.tv

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swtor leveling guide SWTOR Trooper Vanguard PVP Gameplay @ 14 as Tactics Spec in Alderaan

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