SWTOR Trooper Commando PVP: Combat Medic @ 16 in Huttball

This is my first SWTOR gameplay video, for Trooper Commando spec’d as a Combat Medic @ level 16 in a Huttball PVP warzone. This video provides detailed educational commentary on the core mechanic (Ammo), PVP-related abilities, and analysis of match play in Huttball. Commando is a well-rounded Advanced Class with the following characteristics: – Solid single-target RDPS – Excellent AOE capability – Good crowd control – Functional combat healing As the NDA has lifted, feel free to post your questions re: Commando or about the game in general. I’ll answer as best I can. Also, it’d be great to have veteran Beta Commandos post their thoughts / feedback / tips. I rolled my Commando on Monday so I’m still sorting out the class mechanics icon smile SWTOR Trooper Commando PVP: Combat Medic @ 16 in Huttball I’ll be playing multiple Republic classes at launch, posting narrated videos for each class, and eventually crank out in-depth Guides. Here are the classes I plan on playing: – Trooper Commando – Jedi Knight – still deciding between Guardian (tank) and Sentinel (MDPS) – Jedi Consular Sage – Smuggler – still deciding between Gunslinger and Scoundrel, but given that Combat Medic and Sage are healers, I’m leaning towards Gunslinger I will post a streaming schedule for SWTOR by tomorrow (Saturday). My stream features real-time narration and commentary – and to the extent possible interaction with the Chat Room. Long live the Republic! Twitter: @taugrim TwitchTV: twitch.tv YouTube Channel: youtube.com Facebook: facebook.com GAMEBREAKER Host for The <b>…</b>

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