SWTOR Sage dps PvP Balance 1.2 – Zkarlet

Hi guys! Me and my guildies had a good run in Alderaan Civil War last night. Was great fun! Maybe not the most geared/skilled Imperials but anyway, watch for yourself and comment. Credit to Modesty for doing the boring node defending. Im geared in full Battlemaster and one pair of augmented War Hero boots. Also just got the black/green crystal from the rakghoul event yay! Running a 31p balance spec as linked below. Strong cons. with this build are: * Good self healing through dot crits * Alot of instants both dmg and cc spells * This results in very high mobility vs. other players www.torhead.com If you're watching this and looking for a friendly Swedish guild/gaming community make sure to stop by friskyttarna.eu We're not just playing SWTOR but also LotRO, Rift, some FPS and soon GW2. At the moment I'm just involved with SWTOR and we hang out on Peragus Mining Facility (PvE) republic side. My computer spec i5 2500K stock cooling Nvidia GTX 570 Corsair SSD Force 3 + some random SATA drive to store fraps/movies 8 Gb RAM Corsair Vengeance Video frapsed in 1920 x 1080 HALF SIZE then edited in Sony Vegas Pro 11, rendered in WMV 30fps 720p 10 Mbps. If you have any questions just post them below or contact me in-game and I'll try to answer. Thx for stopping by!

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