Rift ~ Warrior PvP Black Garden

thought i would try out my paragon/champion in a little bit of pvp and it went pretty well. these are my souls used in the video rift.zam.com its what i use in pve as well, so it probably isnt the BEST build for pvp. I dont have the ability to charge in combat so that is a pretty big mobility loss, i could probably use wrist strike for a disarm and stuff like that, but with this build, you just get in and do as much dps as you can before dying. And you can see that I topped the chart for most damage done. so the job was done! i would definitely like to thank laughingskull92 for posting his warrior dps spec and posting macros and stuff. check out his channel he uploads videos pretty regularly, guides for raids, builds ect. www.youtube.com I will probably post a little video of my macro setups just to show my rotation for pve and pvp, its pretty much the same for both it works very well. Im a pretty relaxed player with a random play schedule so if you want to buddy me, feel free. Songs used: Apollo 440 – Stop The Rock Calvin Harris – The Rain

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