Rift [US]: 1.5 Warrior Single target only DPS build (With Macros)

Here you go first in a few series of Warrior builds that I like and fond of. I have be doing alot of Testing on various builds from 2 handed to dual Wield and this is the first instalment of Warrior DPS builds that will give the best optimal dps for warriors of various gears. This is Optimized For T2 dungeons however depending on your Hit gear for Raids such as 10 man and 20 it hardly changes. (For me my hit for raids are made from Accessories and Hit Bow to achieve 230+) I am far from Hammerknell ready since I am missing a Hit weapon but slowly progressing towards that. This build is Attack power driven with decent crit so try to concentrate on AP and Crit ratio around 32+ % and you will never get energy starved during the Builder to finisher rotations. Enjoy ^______^

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