Rift Rogue PVP P40 Part 3

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It only takes .0002 seconds to click like and + add to favorites, but it'll help me a lot! Can we get this to 50 likes?!?! Rogue P40 warfront and world PVP. I realy hope you enjoy this video. If you like the video plz push the like button and subscribe. I dont made this video because i think im ultra roxor! I made it for fun! If you dont like the music…..turn it off! Builds: 32Sin/18RS/16NB [url]rift.zam.com 40NB/26RS [url]rift.zam.com Hater and flamer stay out! Leave your interesting or creative responses in the comment section below! THANKS FOR WATCHING.

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