RIFT- Rogue 51 MarksMan Build and Rotation

READ DESCRIPTION for Rotation and Info- Single Target rotation = Splinter shot,Shadow Fire,1 Quick Shot then finish with Deadeye shot then Strafe,Bulls eye then finish with Deadeye shot again then Quick reload then strafe then bullseye again then finish again once that done start from begining of rotation and rotation can change a bit depending on situation ect so watch ur CDs ect rift.zam.com This is a video of me showing the rotation of a MM hunter as well as the build and this is in only T2 dungeon geared I was holding 1300 to 1400 dps with no buffs but my own. Copyrights: all copyrights for music go to the original owners/singers/companies/song writers ect i do not own it!

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