Rift Online

goo.gl Rift Online Rift Online Insider Gamer Uncovers the Secret Strategies to Dominate Rift: Planes of Telara. . . Load Up on Platinum, Dominate Instance Bosses, and Own Warfronts Playing Minimal Hours! Guardian or Defiant – it doesn't matter. This is the hottest Rift guide on the market! Dear Prospective Rift Hunters, It doesnt matter how long Ive known someone theres sweet satisfaction in kicking their butt in a brand new game. I remember being the first of my friends to hit Level 60 in World of Warcraft. The first to reach 100 Gold in Age of Conan. The first to rack up 1000 PvP kills in Warhammer. And I rubbed it into the faces of my buddies. And when they beat me to the punch, getting an epic mount first or dinging 525 in their professions after Cataclysm launched, I took it gracefully. Thats the fun of a good MMO you give and you get and at the end of the day, youre all still friends. Thats what makes Rift: Planes of Telara such an awesome game. Its a classic style MMO. You complete quests. You earn money. You kill big bad dragons and their minions. And how would you like to be the first to… Reach Level 50b Win 100 Warfrontsb Defeat Maelforge or Regulosb Earn 1000 Platinumb When I got my hands on Rift, I wanted nothing more than to hit the level cap as fast as humanly possible and to show my fellow players and friend alike that you cant mess with me. And along the way, a simple truth became once again apparent MMOs Are About Winning If You Want to Dominate, Be <b>…</b>

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