Rift, Mage PVP Tutorial – Chloromancer Healing (L29, Black Garden)

Showing the perks and pitfalls of the Mage calling in current PVP. In this case demonstrating that a Chloromancer can also heal well in PVP. * Want the tutorial ? Turn comments ON. * Just want the action ? Turn comments OFF. NB: This is intended as PVP tutorial, showing how to utilise the Chloromancer for best effect in PVP. It's not intended as complete Chloromancer guide, which is beyond the scope of a single video and already has been done very well by others. Build: Chloromancer 27 / Elemental Summoner 6 / Archmage 5 ( rift.zam.com ) Gear: 20ish blues in every slot (all enchanted), give or take Remember that you can change into such a spec at moment's notice thanks to the role system. A simple and uncut fraps from the Black Garden warfront on the last day of beta. Music: Grieg's Morning; Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

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