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rift macros RIFT Macros

What Are RIFT Macros?

RIFT Macros can be used to create custom action buttons for a wide variety of uses.  As you may already know, you can use your command window for chatting with other players, but you can also invoke actions from the command window as well; such as combat actions.  For example, type “/cast” followed by the name of any character ability in the command window.  The result will be the same as if you clicked on the icon for that action or ability.


Why Use RIFT Macros?

RIFT Macros allow you to group commands together so that you can have a way to simply click once for a set of commands that you might have need to perform over and over.  This can save you from having to type all the commands each time.

This also comes in handy for spell or ability rotation during combat.  Using the regular action icons, you have to coordinate the use of multiple keys or action icons in order to perform the various spells, attacks, or abilities.  In some cases, this can be difficult to do and your action bars can run out of room.

RIFT Macros can help reduce the number of keys you have to use or the icons you have to click by grouping the commands together.

How To Create RIFT Macros

You can open the macro interface by typing “/macro” in the command window or hitting the “escape” key to bring up the main menu.  From there you can click on the “Macros” option.

rift options menu RIFT Macros

From there you can choose the icon you want to use for your custom action button and give your macro a name/label.

In the command window you can list your commands; one per line with a maximum of 25 lines.  There are some basics you need to keep in mind.

Only one communication can be performed per macro. (say, tell, yell, etc.)
Only one ability will execute per macro.
Multiple wait commands are allowed.

NOTE:  Even though only one ability can be executed per macro, you can list multiple abilities in a way so that the appropriate ability out of the list will get executed.  More specifically, the first ability in the list that is NOT on cooldown will get triggered.

For example, if you have a list of 3 abilities (Action 1, Action 2, Action 3) and non of them have cooldowns and they are listed as follows:

cast Action 1

cast Action 2

cast Action 3


The result would be that only the first line would get triggered.

However if Action 1 and Action 2 both had cooldowns and were listed the same way, the result would be the following:

  • On the first click, Action 1 will get triggered…
  • On the second click, Action 2 will get triggered (if Action 1 is still on cooldown)…
  • On the third click, Action 3 will get triggered (if both Action 1 and 2 are still on cooldown)…

To give you a real example, I will use a set of Warrior commands as an example so you can see how this might be useful.

I created a macro that contains the following command lines:


cast Frenzied Strike

cast Inescapable Fury

cast Turn the Blade

cast Debilitating Strike

cast Rising Waterfall

cast Power Strike


The RIFT Macros screen for this looks like the following (I called mine “mega-blow”):

rift macros warrior example RIFT Macros


The first 3 as well as the 5th line are all conditional abilities and will remain on cooldown until a certain condition is met.  “Frenzied Strike”, for instance, is a follow up attack and can only be used after dealing a critical hit.  This ability also has a 6 second cooldown.

The only ability listed in the macro is “Power Strike”.  So by clicking this macro over and over, the following will be the resulting behavior; assuming that this is an initial attack:

  • On the first click, since non of the conditions for the first 3 commands are met, the ability “Debilitation Strike” will be triggered (this ability’s 10 second cooldown starts) …
  • On the second click, “Rising Waterfall” will get triggered next unless any of the conditions were met to enable one or more of the first 3 command lines.  “Rising Waterfall” is a conditional attack that is available only after an attack that grants attack points is used.  In this instance, “Debilitating Strike” was triggered first and it does grant attack points.
  • On the third click, “Power Strike” will get triggered next unless any of the conditions were met to enable one or more of the first 3 command lines.  “Debilitating Strike” should still be on it’s 10 second cooldown and “Rising Waterfall” is no longer available since it was just triggered and can only be a follow up attack.

So, the general idea behind this macro is that it will always trigger one of the first 3 commands if their conditions have been met.  If not, it will trigger “Debilitating Strike” if it is not on cooldown.  “Rising Waterfall” will get triggered if the follow up attack condition has been met by either “Debilitating String” or “Power Strike”.  Finally, if non of the other command lines can be triggered either because the conditions are not met or they are on cooldown, “Power Strike” will get triggered.

It is important that “Power Strike” be the last command line.  Since “Power Strike” has no conditions and no cooldown, it will always get triggered unless something before it gets triggered.  This means that any ability on a command line below “Power Strike” will never get triggered.

This particular macro is an example of the power of RIFT macros because with one key or action icon you can replace 6.  This allows you to save room on the action bar and easily execute these abilities as soon as they are available.  This also means that you can speed your attacks up slightly since there is no time wasted pressing different keys or clicking separate action icons.

So, this might seem like a lazy person’s macro, but it is incredibly efficient for triggering several main abilities.

I will be adding more RIFT macros as I find and create them, so keep checking back for macros you might be able to use.  Also more advanced macro information can be found at http://telarapedia.com/wiki/Macro.



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