RIFT Cleric Leveling Build – Inquisitor Cabalist Sentinel

If you have been wanting to level up your cleric, but you are not sure where to start, this RIFT Cleric leveling build will do perfectly. This particular build is suggested by one of the guys at TGN.tv.

This build is great for solo questing, rifting, and dungeons. This build works by dealing a lot of damage while also keeping the cleric alive through the fights. This build is a mix of heavy spell damage and healing spells.

It was originally suggested to start out with the Inquisitor, Cabalist, and Warden souls since Warden comes with a free heal, but this was because souls used to be learned through quests. As of patch 1.4, souls are purchased so you should be able to pick up Inquisitor, Cabalist, and Sentinel first in order to begin spending your talent points in this RIFT Cleric leveling build right away.

By level 9, it is suggested that you have 5 points in Inquisitor for “Castigation” so you can reduce the casting time of your “Bolt of Judgement“. You should also spend 6 points in Cabalist to get the root spell “Obliterate“. Both of these spells are important for making your spell rotation work well.

At this point you will also have a couple of nice AOE (Area Of Effect) spells, two instant cast DOTs (Damage Over Time) and other useful spells. For the points in Cabalist, I suggest putting 5 points in “Stroke of Genius” for the increased spell power. Remember, your strength is spell damage and self healing.

As you approach level 17, spend your points in “Watchful Gaze” (for spell power increase), “Walk in the light” (for increased critical hit damage and healing bonus), and “Luminous Gaze” (for increasing the chance of the enemy to be critically hit).

To see what the build looks like at level 17, click this link.

All points past level 17 should be spent in the Inquisitor soul. You will want to get “Life and Death Concord” as soon as possible. This spell gives your “Bolt of Depravity” a chance to become instant case.

Since you are focusing on critical hit and critical damage, I suggest putting your next points into “Inner Focus” and “Fanatic’s Faith” in order to get to “Life and Death Concord“.

To see what the build looks like at the point of having all 5 points in “Life and Death Concord”, click this link.


The video below is by Cromar from TGN.tv



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