RIFT – iSpam! Val’s "Rising Waterfall" 1.8k STdps! Patch 1.7! Read Description! (1080)

********PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION******** INTRO! This is Val's "Rising Waterfall". I believe this is the top Single Target build for warriors at the moment! Very simple to use! Val's Youtube! – www.youtube.com BUILD! – rift.zam.com NOTE! – A lot of the skill points are just filler. Parse! – 1.8k STdps! You can probably do better then me lol! xD NOTE! – I am using Rank 40 PvP gear. I don't have any HK gear. TIPS: 1). Practice! Get used to how it works. 2). Get familiar with "Rising Waterfall's" cast animation. 3). Use "Frenzied Strike" after casting one of your finishers. (Don't miss any RW procs!) xD 4). Rising Waterfall! Rising Waterfall! Rising Waterfall! /loadequp 1 – Will be your Two-Hander stance. /loadequip 2 – Will be for your Dual Wield stance. Macro's: NOTE! You don't have to put Rising Waterfall in any of your macro's, it's up to you. icon smile RIFT iSpam! Vals "Rising Waterfall" 1.8k STdps! Patch 1.7! Read Description! (1080) Attack Point Builder: #show Rising Waterfall suppressmacrofailures loadequip 1 cast Rising Waterfall cast Power Strike Reactive Abilities: #show Rising Waterfall suppressmacrofailures cast Rising Waterfall cast Frenzied Strike cast Inescapable Fury Finisher: #show Strike Like Iron suppressmacrofailures cast Strike Like Iron cast Shifting Blades NOTE! Leave Fiery Burst out of your Finisher Macro! Since Shifting Blades isn't off of the Global Cooldown, when you press your Finisher Macro it will most-likely use your attack points for Fiery Burst instead of Shifting Blades! Also, Bend Like the Reed is not in the macro. Range: You <b>…</b>

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