RIFT From the Embers game update 1.6 HD Ember Isle trailer – PC Online

www.gamezplay.org – Adventure in the world of Telara as either a noble Guardian or technomagical Defiant and enter a dynamic fantasy where 8 primal forces battle for control in an ever-changing landscape. Build your own class using the Ascended Soul system and embark on epic conflicts that bring you into the story, taking your RPG experience to new heights of achievement and excitement! Key features Massive Dynamic Battles Invasions unfold zone-wide, creating epic conflicts that bring you into the story! Save the world now alongside hundreds of other players, or fight later to reclaim lands from invading hordes. 8 Primal Forces: Creatures from the Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Life, and Death planes battle for control of the world of Telara! Two warring factions—the Guardians and the Defiant—face off against each other and fight extra-planar creatures as they seek to save the world. Build Your Class: No other game lets you build your class the way Rift does. Specialize in a single class or pick and choose abilities from many to create a character uniquely suited to your play style—and have fun while you experiment! Choose Your Role: Each character can have up to four different roles, so you can choose different classes for every situation! You might have one for PvP and another for raids; or perhaps you want a high-damage or high-defense build. The choice is yours to mix and match as you see fit! PvP Combat: Battle others in exhilarating Player vs. Player combat! Earn PvP <b>…</b>

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