RIFT Ember Isle Killdex Nikon and Gaian Rare Mobs

The Rift Rare Mob Killdex is a series documenting all the rare mobs in the MMORPG Rift. The original Killdex was completed long ago, but with the release of the new zone Ember Isle, I decided to revive the series to show the new rares. Unlike the original Killdex. I will only be showing 1-2 rare mobs at a time instead of all at once. Mainly because nobody knows where these new mobs are located. As always the target macro is below. Just copy the macro into your Rift macros and it will target rares with one button. #suppressmacrofailures tar gaian tar myron tar naeus tar tricksy tar anato tar osmas tar tephra tar nikon tar kallos tar kleon tar phocas tar ligeia tar argyros tar lalia tar thome

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