Rift Cleric – Shaman Melee AoE DPS -

My 47-48 Cleric wreaking havoc on the fiends and Guardians of Telara. Just wanted to show a typical level 47-48 cleric in Rift. All gear is blue/green quality w/ the exception of a couple purple accesories. Though I'd share the capabilities of an avg-above avg cleric at this level. ** This is my first time using this vid editor software and did not realize until after I made the vid that it would have a watermark in the center of the screen and didn't feel like making it all over again in another program so deal with it. : P ** My current build is Sham/Just/Ward. Sham for the melee dmg, Justicar for the dmg mitigation/self healing and Ward to increase upon the self healing with a nice HoT instant cast and useful instant, zero-cooldown ranged attack spell.

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