RIFT Warrior Builds

warrior symbol noback sparkle RIFT Warrior BuildsRIFT Warrior Builds are plate-wearing beasts.  Warriors can tank with one of the three available defensive souls, destroy their enemies with one of the four melee DPS souls, or beef up their group with the one support soul, but in any case, they bring pain to any enemy they face.

There is not too much variety in the basic motives of the warrior souls, but what do you expect?  They are big, bad, and they destroy.  Their variety is in the many ways that they can thwart an enemy force be it one or many.

If you would like to be big, bold, and strong… play a warrior and be a hero!


Defense : Tank



warrior paladin RIFT Warrior BuildsRIFT Warrior Builds – Paladin

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Void Knight Warlord

The Paladin soul is a master of the use of sheilds.  This warrior uses sheilds to effectively block incoming attacks and is able to respond with life-ending counter attacks.  The paladin also employs divine powers to protect and bolster those she is protecting as well as herself.


warrior reaver RIFT Warrior BuildsRIFT Warrior Builds – Reaver

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Paladin Void Knight

The Reaver soul brings darkness and death energies to the battlefield.  She spreads disease with each cut of her blade and befuddles the minds of her enemy with her dark powers.



warrior void knight RIFT Warrior BuildsRIFT Warrior Builds – Void Knight

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Paladin Reaver

The Void Knight soul is set apart from other warrior souls.  While most warriors are weak against magical attacks, the void knight can absorb or reflect magic and use it to her advantage.  Spell casters beware!  This warrior be your bane.  She will stand strong to protect the group and will turn the evils of magic back on her enemies.


Offense : Melee DPS



warrior beastmaster RIFT Warrior BuildsRIFT Warrior Builds – Beastmaster

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Champion Warlord

The Beastmaster soul depends greatly on it’s tight bond with a primal companion (battle pet).  This warrior draws her strength from the primal pet’s abilities.  The pet can take different stances depending on the needs of the situation.  The pet can act as a tank or provide more damage.


warrior champion RIFT Warrior BuildsRIFT Warrior Builds – Champion

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: beastmaster Riftblad

The Champion soul is a two-handed weapons expert.  This warrior sacrifices defense for devastating blows from huge weapons that make most fights short lived.  Pun intended.

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warrior paragon RIFT Warrior BuildsRIFT Warrior Builds – Paragon

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Champion Riftblade

The Paragon soul dual-wielding master.  This warrior is well practiced in different forms that allow her attacks to build up and then unleash mass damage to her oppenents.  Her skills in parrying incoming attacks are effective in keeping her out of harms way.


warrior riftblade RIFT Warrior BuildsRIFT Warrior Builds – Riftblade

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Champion Paragon

The Riftblade soul allows the warrior to fight from far away or right in the face of her foes.  She uses elemental powers to strengthen her blades with which she demolishes her attackers.





warrior warlord RIFT Warrior BuildsRIFT Warrior Builds – Warlord

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Paladin Reaver

The Warlord soul brings to any group a stregth while dealing weakness to the enemy.  This warrior has the ability to embolden her allied group while bringing the enemy to its knees with her commanding voice.





warrior vindicator RIFT Warrior BuildsRIFT Warrior Builds – Vindicator

The Vindicator soul is a brutal balance of offense and defense.  She is truly a force to be reckoned with,  You do not want to find yourself in the path of a vindicator in a Warfront battlefield… or anywhere else for that matter.




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