RIFT (Bladedancer (33) / Assassin (20) / RiftStalker (13)) AOE Rogue Build

I got a request in a comment on one of the posts on this site asking for the build information for the RIFT AOE Rogue Build.  Below is a related video showing what kind of action you can expect followed by some usage notes I found on the RIFT forums  (special thanks to Neykho).

Also included is a link to RIFT ZAM where you can see the build tree for this build.  Click the link for other RIFT Rogue Builds.  Enjoy!






With a little mix-and-matching of souls, an amazing Rogue solo build can be created. One that is capable of doing awesome in both aoe and single target damage, while minimizing downtime between mob encounters. I’ve been able to pull as many as 7 mobs at a time and destroy them in a matter of seconds.

This is what I’ve come up with.


This build consists of Bladedancer/Assassin/Rifstalker (33/20/13). For the actual build here’s a link to the soul builder: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0MMVp.0VMcxcb.xVdVhsMR0bz.Vcbh

Bladedancer is used here to maximize damage through Strike Back (Dodging an attack lets you automatically counter-attack) and Reprisal (A reactive ability useable after dodging or parrying an attack), while providing you with an amazing channelled AoE attack called Dancing Steel.
You also have access to three “Rhythmic” cooldown abilities:


  • Sidesteps – Increases your dodge chance by 50% for 15 seconds
  • Blade Tempo – Increases your physical damage by 30% for 15 seconds
  • Double Coup – Causes Quick Strike and Precison Strike to increase the critical hit chance and damage of keen strike by 100%

You also get access to an activated ability called Combat Pose, letting you increase your dexterity for an hour

Assassin is used in this build to maximize your critical hit chance and damage through its passive abilities. It also gives you access to three poisons enchantments:


  • Virulent Poison – 20% chance to deal additional water damage
  • Lethal Poison – 20% chance to deal additional water damage and increases critical hit chance by 5%
  • Leeching poison – 20% chance to deal additional damage and also heals the Rogue


With that said, you get access to a skill called Poison Malice that increases damage from Poison-coated weapons by 100% and deals water damage to enemies to attack the Rogue at melee range

Riftstalker is used in this build for its self-healing talent Rift Scavenger. With 3 points in this talent it allows you to heal yourself for 6% of your health per combo point when an enemy dies. So if you have 5 combo points on the enemy, you can heal yourself for 30% of your health. This skill alone gets rid of healing downtime after mob encounters if used properly. As a side bonus, you also get another activated talent that allows you to increase your endurance for an hour.


Upon switching to this build you want to activate all of your activated, one-hour abilities.
This consists of:

  • Planebound Resilience
  • Combat Pose

You also have 3 poison enchantments that you can activate as well. Unfortunately you can only use two of them.
I would recommend:

  • Lethal Poison
  • Leeching Poison


There are too many things that can happen in combat, so I won’t cover every situation. I will touch up on some main points however:


  • Use Flash of Steel and Shadow Shift to start the mob encounters quickly
  • To maximize single target DPS use: Keen Strike + Precison strike and Keen Strike + Quick Strike
  • To maximize aoe DPS use Twin Strike
  • Your bread and butter finsher attacks are Compound Attack (for AoE) and Deadly Strike (for single-target)
  • Don’t forget to hit your reactive ability Reprisal when you dodge or parry an enemy’s attack
  • For stronger mobs, you want to take advantage of the Guarded Steel and
    False blade finishers to bolster your defenses. And if you know the fight is going to take a bit longer than normal, you will want to use the Dauntless Strike, Annihilate and Baneful Touch abilities
  • You have a two-skill combo that you can use to utterly destroy mobs in AoE: Side Steps + Dancing Steel. Side steps will allow you to dodge most enemy attacks allowing Strike Back to proc continuously. More procs = more enemy damage. While this is happening your super AoE attack Dancing Steel will be channeling as well. You can pull something like 7-10 mobs using this method if you’re careful
  • When in an a multi-mob situation, focus on the weakest mob first and take advantage of Rift Scavenger to heal yourself
  • If your target is almost dead and your HP is around 75%, don’t use a finisher. Just finish it off with normal attacks. This allows you to heal yourself back to near full (if not full) health. Keeping the downtime to a mininum
  • Use Side Steps, Blade Tempo and Double Coup whenever you can to decrease battle times
  • Don’t pull more than you can handle
  • Bring health potions for emergencies when you fail to follow the above tip



This is an extremely versatile build that can be used in many situations; Be it solo farming, rift hunting and world PvP. The only downside it has is that mobs have to be attacking you in order to maximize DPS.
So give it a go and see if it works out for you. Cheers!


 NOTE:  This information came together from different sources.  After some digging, the information above is what we found to be the most accurate, but I make no claims to it’s perfection.

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