RIFT Rogue Builds

rougue symbol noback sparkle RIFT Rogue BuildsRogues have long been revered as silent and deadly.  Whey stop now?  RIFT Rogue Builds are full of options for swift and agile attacks.  Most of the souls are based in dealing damage; some from shadows, some from a distance, and some close up and personal.  It all cases, they make for deadly opponents.

There are also a couple of special rogue builds; one that provides the option of tanking and another that is geared up to be a full support role.  This makes being a rogue fairly diverse in her abilities and potential.

Take a rogue into battle to turn the tides and bolster the group against formidable bosses and enemies.  Take down the enemy from the shadows or with deadly volleys of bullets and arrows.  Any way you slice it, the rogue is a killer class to play… literally.


Defensive : Tank



rogue riftstalker RIFT Rogue BuildsRIFT Rogue Builds – Riftstalker

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Bard Bladedancer

The Riftstalker soul is a clever tank.  This rogue uses her ability shift between planes of existance to evade attack or fortify her position.  With the magic of the planes on her side, she poses as a serious roadblock between the enemy and the allies she protects.


Offense : Melee DPS



rogue bladedancer RIFT Rogue BuildsRIFT Rogue Builds – Bladedancer

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Assassin Riftstalker

The Bladedancer soul is like a light show with her dazzling and agile melee attack maneuvers.  This rogue has the ability to deflect and avoid incoming attacks while landing heart stopping blows on her opponents.



rogue assassin RIFT Rogue BuildsRIFT Rogue Builds – Assassin

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Riftstalker Bladedancer

The Assassin soul is all about death from the shadows and vile poisons that render her targets helpless.  Between her suprise attacks and her poison coated blades, no one stands a chance.


rogue nightblade RIFT Rogue BuildsRIFT Rogue Builds – Nightblade

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Riftstalker Ranger

The Nightblade soul derives it’s powers from arcane magic and cold steel.  When she appears from the shadows, her precise strikes quickly put the lives of her enemies in ruin.


Offense : Ranged DPS



rogue ranger RIFT Rogue BuildsRIFT Rogue Builds – Ranger

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Marksment Saboteur

The Ranger soul brings abilities of the bow, steel, and close ties with battle pets.  This rogue and her pet work as one to take down their enemies.  In groups, they are a deadly damage dealing team.  Running solo, her pet can distract the enemy target while lofting her arrows from safe distance.


rogue marksmen RIFT Rogue BuildsRIFT Rogue Builds – Marksmen

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Ranger Saboteur

The Marksmen soul makes for a deadly sharpshooter.  This rogue’s skill with ranged weapons rains down terror upon her opponents and leaves a trail of death and pain behind.


rogue saboteur RIFT Rogue BuildsRIFT Rogue Builds – Saboteur

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Riftstalker Ranger

The Saboteur soul gives a rogue the ability to destroy her enemies without being part of the fight.  She is an explosives expert who tears her targets apart with an array of bombs and snares.





rogue bard RIFT Rogue BuildsRIFT Rogue Builds – Bard

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Nightblade Ranger

The rockstar of RIFT!  The Bard soul is all about helping friends and hurting foes.  Her talents with instruments can mean the difference between winning and losing a battle.  Any group will do well to have a bard in their company.  Her songs bring strengthened abilities to her party and raid members while bringing death and weakness to the enemies vast.





rogue infiltrator RIFT Rogue BuildsThe Infiltrator soul brings death and doom from the shadows.  This rogue can sneak into the fight, avoiding detection and harm to unleash her ruthless strikes.






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