RIFT Offensive Builds


RIFT Cleric Offense : Melee DPS



cleric shaman RIFT Offensive BuildsSHAMAN

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Druid Justicar

The Shaman cleric soul affords the cleric the great power of the elements. Through these worldly powers, the cleric’s weapons become highly effective making this cleric a fierce melee combatant. The elemental powers also provide for great protection from enemy attacks.


cleric druid RIFT Offensive BuildsDRUID

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Shaman Justicar

The Druid cleric soul is in tune with the forces of life and nature. The melee abilities of this soul are devastating. This cleric can summon fae spirits to enhance the damage affected by the deadly blows of this soul as well as heal party members. At a higher level, this cleric can summon a satyr to help do battle.


RIFT Cleric Offense : Caster DPS



cleric inquisitor RIFT Offensive BuildsINQUISITOR

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Cabalist Purifier

The Inquisitor cleric soul is a very spiritual one indeed. The offensive spellcasting Inquisitor is both judge and jury for the transgressions of their enemies. With powers both dark and divine, this soul desimates enemies with fierce scrutiny.


cleric cabalist RIFT Offensive BuildsCABALIST

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Inquisitor Purifier

The cabalist cleric soul weilds a dark and deadly power. This is an offense caster soul who deals damage from a distance. Weaving fear and death into a force of destruction, this cleric trembles the enemy forces.


RIFT Mage Offense : Caster DPS


Elementalistmage elementalist RIFT Offensive Builds

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Stormcaller Pyromancer

The Elementalist mage soul relies heavily on a summoned elemental (battle pet) as certain talents and skills boost the abilities and effectiveness of the mage’s summoned elemental creature. The top elemental branch talent “Intensify Elements” is specific to strengthening the summoned elemental.


Necromancermage necromancer RIFT Offensive Builds

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Warlock – Dominator

The Necromancer mage soul is rooted in the dark arts and skilled with spells of death or the draining of life from enemies. Necromancers get an undead battle creature that helps to take the focus of fights when running solo so spells can be cast upon the enemy target from a safe distance. It is important to balance the use of spells that damage the enemy while also using spells to help keep your summoned creature alive. When running in a group, the summoned creature can assist in dealing damage to the enemy.


mage pyromancer RIFT Offensive BuildsPyromancer

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Elementalist – Archon

The Pyromancer mage soul is all about fire damage. This soul does not come with a pet, but with this soul’s intense abilities to burn, it provides plenty of power to take down the enemy. When used with the Elementalist soul, the mage can still take advantage of the protection of a summoned creature.

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Stormcallermage stormcaller RIFT Offensive Builds

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Elementalist – Dominator

The Stormcaller mage soul gets it’s power from the weather, air, and water. Oh… and let’s not forget lightning. This soul does not come with abilities to summon a creature to fight by your side, however; can be used with another soul such as the Elementalist for it’s summoning benefits.


Warlockmage warlock RIFT Offensive Builds

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Necromancer – Chloromancer

The Warlock mage soul is a master at manipulating the life of the mage or the enemy in order to deal extra damage, boost mana, or drain the life from a foe. This soul does not come with a pet, but is matched well with the Necromancer soul which does afford the mage with a creature that can be summoned.


RIFT Rogue Offense : Melee DPS



rogue bladedancer RIFT Offensive BuildsBladedancer

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Assassin Riftstalker

The Bladedancer soul is like a light show with her dazzling and agile melee attack maneuvers. This rogue has the ability to deflect and avoid incoming attacks while landing heart stopping blows on her opponents.


rogue assassin RIFT Offensive BuildsAssassin

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Riftstalker Bladedancer

The Assassin soul is all about death from the shadows and vile poisons that render her targets helpless. Between her suprise attacks and her poison coated blades, no one stands a chance.


rogue nightblade RIFT Offensive BuildsNightblade

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Riftstalker Ranger

The Nightblade soul derives it’s powers from arcane magic and cold steel. When she appears from the shadows, her precise strikes quickly put the lives of her enemies in ruin.


RIFT Rogue Offense : Ranged DPS



rogue ranger RIFT Offensive BuildsRanger

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Marksment Saboteur

The Ranger soul brings abilities of the bow, steel, and close ties with battle pets. This rogue and her pet work as one to take down their enemies. In groups, they are a deadly damage dealing team. Running solo, her pet can distract the enemy target while lofting her arrows from safe distance.


rogue marksmen RIFT Offensive BuildsMarksmen

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Ranger Saboteur

The Marksmen soul makes for a deadly sharpshooter. This rogue’s skill with ranged weapons rains down terror upon her opponents and leaves a trail of death and pain behind.


rogue saboteur RIFT Offensive BuildsSaboteur

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Riftstalker Ranger

The Saboteur soul gives a rogue the ability to destroy her enemies without being part of the fight. She is an explosives expert who tears her targets apart with an array of bombs and snares.


RIFT Warrior Offense : Melee DPS



warrior beastmaster RIFT Offensive BuildsBeastmaster

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Champion Warlord

The Beastmaster soul depends greatly on it’s tight bond with a primal companion (battle pet). This warrior draws her strength from the primal pet’s abilities. The pet can take different stances depending on the needs of the situation. The pet can act as a tank or provide more damage.


warrior champion RIFT Offensive BuildsChampion

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: beastmaster Riftblad

The Champion soul is a two-handed weapons expert. This warrior sacrifices defense for devastating blows from huge weapons that make most fights short lived. Pun intended.


warrior paragon RIFT Offensive BuildsParagon

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Champion Riftblade

The Paragon soul dual-wielding master. This warrior is well practiced in different forms that allow her attacks to build up and then unleash mass damage to her oppenents. Her skills in parrying incoming attacks are effective in keeping her out of harms way.


warrior riftblade RIFT Offensive BuildsRiftblade

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Champion Paragon

The Riftblade soul allows the warrior to fight from far away or right in the face of her foes. She uses elemental powers to strengthen her blades with which she demolishes her attackers.



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