RIFT Mage Builds

The RIFT Mage builds can be broken down into thrmage symbol noback sparkle RIFT Mage Buildsee main specifications; DPS (Offense), Healing, and Support.  There are 5 DPS souls, 1 healer soul, and 2 support souls.  The skillset of a mage is primarily comprised of ranged spells and area of effect (AOE) spells.

Each mage soul carries with it its own special blend of spells with themes that relate to the type of magic the mage is using.  They are generally serve the same purposes.  There are spells for protection, buffs, debuffs, summoning creatures, boosting party buffs or attributes and so on.  This is a caster class.  While they do wield weapons, their melee skill is very weak.  Mages are meant to keep their distance in battle and use their spells to affect various results either hurting the enemy or helping friendly targets.
Below is a list of the 8 mage souls grouped by responsibility.


DPS Mage Souls

The main purpose for offensive mages is dealing damage to the enemy.  Their ability to inflict damage is important both when running solo or in groups.


RIFT Mage Builds – Elementalistmage elementalist RIFT Mage Builds

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Stormcaller Pyromancer

The Elementalist mage soul relies heavily on a summoned elemental (battle pet) as certain talents and skills boost the abilities and effectiveness of the mage’s summoned elemental creature.  The top elemental branch talent “Intensify Elements” is specific to strengthening the summoned elemental.


RIFT Mage Builds – Necromancermage necromancer RIFT Mage Builds

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Warlock – Dominator

The Necromancer mage soul is rooted in the dark arts and skilled with spells of death or the draining of life from enemies.  Necromancers get an undead battle creature that helps to take the focus of fights when running solo so spells can be cast upon the enemy target from a safe distance.  It is important to balance the use of spells that damage the enemy while also using spells to help keep your summoned creature alive.  When running in a group, the summoned creature can assist in dealing damage to the enemy.


mage pyromancer RIFT Mage BuildsRIFT Mage Builds – Pyromancer

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Elementalist – Archon

The Pyromancer mage soul is all about fire damage.  This soul does not come with a pet, but with this soul’s intense abilities to burn, it provides plenty of power to take down the enemy.  When used with the Elementalist soul, the mage can still take advantage of the protection of a summoned creature.

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RIFT Mage Builds – Stormcallermage stormcaller RIFT Mage Builds

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Elementalist – Dominator

The Stormcaller mage soul gets it’s power from the weather, air, and water.  Oh… and let’s not forget lightning.  This soul does not come with abilities to summon a creature to fight by your side, however; can be used with another soul such as the Elementalist for it’s summoning benefits.


RIFT Mage Builds – Warlockmage warlock RIFT Mage Builds

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Necromancer – Chloromancer

The Warlock mage soul is a master at manipulating the life of the mage or the enemy in order to deal extra damage, boost mana, or drain the life from a foe.  This soul does not come with a pet, but is matched well with the Necromancer soul which does afford the mage with a creature that can be summoned.


Healing Mage Souls

A very important role, the healer is tasked with keeping party members alive so that the group can succeed in taking down it’s enemies.  The most important party member to protect and keep alive is the tank.  Without the tank, the party will fall.


RIFT Mage Builds – Chloromancermage chloromancer RIFT Mage Builds

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Warlock – Archon

Chloromancers have an interesting healing skill set.  Many spells are designed to hurt the enemy while healing friendly targets.  Some spells will only heal when the enemy is damaged.  The spells are themed in nature; using spores and life energies to boost friends and befuddle foes.


Support Mage Souls

Support is an interesting responsibility.  The main focus of the support mage is to boost the abilities and attributes of party members while decreasing the abilities and attributes of enemies.  Support mages can greatly effect the outcome of a battle especially when the skills of the party are evenly matched with the enemy.  It is important for a support mage to become talented in the use of their spell rotations in order to maintain the appropriate buffs and debuffs on their targers.


RIFT Mage Builds – Archonmage archon RIFT Mage Builds

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Chloromancer – Warlock

The Archon mage soul uses the powers of earth and flame to not only protect and place benedictions on the group, but also to help to bring the enemy to its knees with terrible afflictions and maladictions.  The Archon mage uses skills in self sacrifice for the betterment of the party he/she is running with.


RIFT Mage Builds – Dominatormage dominator RIFT Mage Builds

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Stormcaller – Necromancer

The Dominator mage uses snares, reflective sheilds, and mental anguish to put the enemy in a vulnerable position where their own attacks turn against them and their own skills cause them pain.  The Dominator is no one to be trifled with.  When enemies attack, they are only hurting themselves.


The PVP Mage Soul


RIFT Mage Builds – Archmagemage archmage RIFT Mage Builds

The Archmage is a master at removing the enemy’s buffs as well as removing the debuffs that have been cast upon the Archmage.  The Archmage weakens the bolstered enemy while setting themselves free of binding spells.  Don’t find yourself in the path or range of an Archmage when on the battlefield.

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