RIFT Healing Builds

RIFT Cleric Healers


cleric warden RIFT Healing BuildsWARDEN

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Sentinel Purifier

The Warden cleric soul is a healer with spells that are embued with the powers of water. This cleric’s healing is composed of strong healing over time that grows in strength as it heals. A Warden Cleric’s value shines when battles grow long.


  • This is a really nice RIFT Warden Healing Build presented by Cromar and Viperia from TGN.tv.  Great for AOE healing as well as single target heals.  Very heavy use of HOTs (Heal Over Time) so requires the player to pay attention.


cleric purifier RIFT Healing BuildsPURIFIER

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Sentinel Warden

The Purifer cleric soul specializes in healing. The healing spells are centered around fire and life and can be focused well upon single targets. The Purifier sould can also focus its energy on enemy targets as well bring them to their knees.


cleric sentinel RIFT Healing BuildsSENTINEL

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Purifier Warden

The Sentinel cleric soul spells are based in the healing powers of light. A very spiritual soul who has the ability to heal large groups and provide a boost to friendly targets. This soul affords the player with divine protection as well.


RIFT Mage Healers


Chloromancermage chloromancer RIFT Healing Builds

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Warlock – Archon

Chloromancers have an interesting healing skill set. Many spells are designed to hurt the enemy while healing friendly targets. Some spells will only heal when the enemy is damaged. The spells are themed in nature; using spores and life energies to boost friends and befuddle foes.



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