RIFT Warden Healing Build – (Warden (51) / Sentinel (10) / (5) Purifier)

RIFT Warden Healing Build – Intro

This is another great video by the guys at http://tgn.tv.  In this episode, Cromar interviews Viperia about his very effective RIFT Warden Healing Build.  I have also included a link to the RIFT ZAM Soul Tree Calculator so you can view the build first hand.

NOTE:  Unfortunately, the interview is from the point of view of Cromar’s character so we don’t get to see the build directly, but the guys discuss the build in pretty good detail so it is definately worth watching.

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RIFT Warden Healing Build – Build Notes

  • 51 warden
  • 10 Sentinel
  • 4 Purifier

Click here to see the build with the RIFT ZAM Soul Tree Calculator.

According to the interview, it is important to stay on top of the HOTs (heal over time) spells as this maintains a stream of healing.  If the timer runs out on the heal over time spells, they have to ramp back up which means the tank and group are vulnerable to damage since the heals are not at their full potential.

If you have trouble paying attention, this may not be the best build for you as a healer.

This build is has very effective AOE (Area Of Effect) healing abilities.  The mana consumption is minimal and with practice, you need not worry about your mana pool.  With single target heals, Viperia says it is impossible to run out of mana.  I like that!

Viperia also notes that he uses this build to great effect in PVP battles.  I am certainly going to try this on my Cleric.


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