RIFT Cleric Builds

cleric symbol noback sparkle RIFT Cleric BuildsThe RIFT Cleric builds are full of variety having souls specializing in AOE healing, Single Target healing, HOT healing, melee DPS, caster DPS and tanking defense.

The PVP build for the cleric is a well rounded build offering great support to allies and bringing fierce battle to enemies.

Since RIFT gives each character up to 5 roles to switch back and forth to, playing a cleric means you can experience a wide range of playing styles.  This also makes a cleric a very handy party member as they can fulfill almost any requirement of the group or situation.

Below is a brief summary of each of the cleric souls.  This website is still under construction.  Links to specific builds will be added over time to provide more detail about each soul and the many builds that have been discovered through combining the souls.


Defense : Tank



cleric justicar RIFT Cleric BuildsRIFT Cleric Builds – JUSTICAR

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Shaman Druid

The Justicar cleric soul is a defensive (tank) one.  As she fights, her power builds and as her power builds, her damage and healing abilities increase in potential.  Justicar cleric souls are good souls indeed.


  • These are two RIFT Justicar Builds by Heaven7770.  One is geared for better healing abilities and defense while the other is geared more towards attack and defense abilities.





cleric warden RIFT Cleric BuildsRIFT Cleric Builds – WARDEN

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Sentinel Purifier

The Warden cleric soul is a healer with spells that are embued with the powers of water.  This cleric’s healing is composed of strong healing over time that grows in strength as it heals.  A Warden Cleric’s value shines when battles grow long.


  • This is a really nice RIFT Warden Healing Build presented by Cromar and Viperia from TGN.tv.  Great for AOE healing as well as single target heals.  Very heavy use of HOTs (Heal Over Time) so requires the player to pay attention.


cleric purifier RIFT Cleric BuildsRIFT Cleric Builds – PURIFIER

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Sentinel Warden

The Purifer cleric soul specializes in healing.  The healing spells are centered around fire and life and can be focused well upon single targets.  The Purifier sould can also focus its energy on enemy targets as well bring them to their knees.


cleric sentinel RIFT Cleric BuildsRIFT Cleric Builds – SENTINEL

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Purifier Warden

The Sentinel cleric soul spells are based in the healing powers of light.  A very spiritual soul who has the ability to heal large groups and provide a boost to friendly targets.  This soul affords the player with divine protection as well.


Offense : Melee DPS



cleric shaman RIFT Cleric BuildsRIFT Cleric Builds – SHAMAN

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Druid Justicar

The Shaman cleric soul affords the cleric the great power of the elements.  Through these worldly powers, the cleric’s weapons become highly effective making this cleric a fierce melee combatant.  The elemental powers also provide for great protection from enemy attacks.


cleric druid RIFT Cleric BuildsRIFT Cleric Builds – DRUID

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Shaman Justicar

The Druid cleric soul is in tune with the forces of life and nature.  The melee abilities of this soul are devastating.  This cleric can summon fae spirits to enhance the damage affected by the deadly blows of this soul as well as heal party members.  At a higher level, this cleric can summon a satyr to help do battle.


Offense : Caster DPS



cleric inquisitor RIFT Cleric BuildsRIFT Cleric Builds – INQUISITOR

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Cabalist Purifier

The Inquisitor cleric soul is a very spiritual one indeed.  The offensive spellcasting Inquisitor is both judge and jury for the transgressions of their enemies.  With powers both dark and divine, this soul desimates enemies with fierce scrutiny.


cleric cabalist RIFT Cleric BuildsRIFT Cleric Builds – CABALIST

RIFT’s Suggested pairings: Inquisitor Purifier

The cabalist cleric soul weilds a dark and deadly power.  This is an offense caster soul who deals damage from a distance.  Weaving fear and death into a force of destruction, this cleric trembles the enemy forces.





cleric templar RIFT Cleric BuildsRIFT Cleric Builds – TEMPLAR (PvP SOUL)

The Templar cleric soul is a well rounded soul indeed.  They are great for supporting their allies as well as thwarting the enemy.  They make for a great supporting teammate on the battle-worn Warfronts.



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