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cleric talent tree 300x190 RIFT BuildsRIFT builds can be broken down in a number of different ways.  Probably the best way to start is to first choose which class of character you are interested in building.  There are four classes to choose from; Cleric, Mage, Rogue, and Warrior.

At first, 4 classes seems like too few to choose from for such a robust game.  Once you realize that each of these classes takes on a wide array of possible playing styles based on their skill sets, it becomes clearer that 4 classes in plenty.

Each class breaks down to 8 sub-classes each.  And if that’s not enough, each sub-class can be configured in a variety of ways as you will soon learn.  There are plenty of different styles and abilities that RIFT builds can assume.

Some of the classes abilities may surprise you.  Warriors are typically assumed to be offensive or defensive.  Mages must be for dealing damage… right?  Rogues… surely hack and slash damage dealers.  Cleric builds must be where the healing is at.

Don’t be so sure until you have had a chance to review all that each of the classes can do:

RIFT Builds – Builds by class

cleric symbol noback sparkle RIFT Builds RIFT Cleric builds have 3 different healer builds (roles), but they also have 4 different offensive builds and 1 defensive (tank) build. The Cleric RIFT builds can be a lot of fun and can be a very important part of any group. While they can handle two of the key roles of a party (tank or healer), they can also be devastating damage dealers.
It’s no surprise that RIFT Mage builds can be comprised of offensive abilities. In RIFT, there are 5 offensive builds (roles). It’s also not too surprising to find that the Mage can take on support responsibilities. They have 2 RIFT support builds. The thing that took me off guard was that there was a healing build for mages. It makes more sense if you think of mages as being magic users and typically healing is applied using magic of some sort. So, the shock wears off quickly. I still find it both odd and enjoyable when playing a healing mage though. mage symbol noback sparkle RIFT Builds
rougue symbol noback sparkle RIFT Builds If you were guessing that RIFT Rogue builds were hack and slash, you were… mostly correct. The majority of the available rogue RIFT builds are offensive in nature. There are 6 in all. Two of the coolest rogue builds are a support role known as the “Bard” and a tanking role! The bard build is pretty amusing and fun to play as well as a very vital piece of a group. They don’t cast spells, but rather they use their instruments (yes, the kind you play musically) to effect their friends and foes. The defensive build really sent my head spinning. A tanking rogue?!? I never would have thought it, but it is quite a fun and useful role to play.
RIFT Warrior builds are for the most part, just what you would expect. There are 4 offensive roles and 3 defensive roles. So, obviously this class is meant for laying the smack down or protecting the group from harm and taking the brunt of the enemy assault. They do, however; have 1 support build that can be very useful to the group. If you like just being a beast of a fighter and being the savior of the meek and mild, this is your class. Don’t let the simplicity of the warrior build mislead you. This class and all it’s builds are just as complex and rich with a variety of skills as any of the other classes. If you were thinking the warrior is too boring… think again. warrior symbol noback sparkle RIFT Builds

RIFT Builds – Description of responsibilities

The RIFT responsibilities are made up of Offensive, Defensive (Tanks), Healing, and Support.  If you have been playing MMORPG or adventure type games for a while, you are probably very familiar with tanking, healing, and offensive responsibilities.  The support responsibility may be new to some people.  I know it was new to me.  The following is a brief explanation of each:

RIFT Tank Builds – The defensive responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the tanks of the game.  Tanks are supposed to take the brunt of the battle which means they have to hold the attention of the enemy targets.  This is known as taking aggro (taking aggression).  Each player will have a threat level which rises and falls depending on what the player is doing.  Tanks have abilities that raise their threat level so that the enemies pay more attention and focus their attacks on them.  They also have abilities that “taunt” the enemy to refocus the enemy’s attention from another party member to themselves.

RIFT Healing Builds – The healers of the game play a very important part of any group.  While the tank and damage dealers are focusing outwardly towards the enemies, the healer is focusing mostly on the party members.  It is their task to keep everyone alive and heal the wounded.  The most important member of the group that MUST stay alive at all costs is the tank.  If the tank falls, in almost every case, the rest of the group will fall.  When the battle is over, the group usually relies on the healer to resurrect (bring back to life) their fallen friends.

RIFT Offensive Builds – These are the guys that do the dirty work; the damage dealers.  Bringing down the enemy is the main task for the offensive builds.  It is not always as simple as just attacking an enemy.  An offensive character must be mindful of getting in harms way as well as doing enough damage in a short amount of time as possible.  The tank can only take on so many foes and last so long and the healer does not have an endless pool of magical energy to spend on keeping the group alive.  Taking the enemy targets down fast and hard is a must in order for the group to survive.

RIFT Support Builds – The support responsibility is very special and in some cases very vital to the group.  Their abilities are mostly comprised of either those that enhance the group or allies and those that diminish the abilities of the enemy.  They are helpful in allowing the group to do more damage and remain more protected while making it so that the enemy takes more damage and deals less damage.  I have seen this role make the difference between a field of players living and dying against battled hardened creatures from rifts and the demons lurking in ominous dungeons.

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