RIFT – #1 Mage DPS Guide

Pyromancer / Elementist / Archon (31/32/3) Link to spec: rift.zam.com Rotation: *Ground of Power – *Exposure – Fireball Macro – **Interalized Charge at 90+ Charge – Intensify Elements – Heat Wave – Spam Fireball Macro 15 seconds – Intensify Elements – Spam Fireball Macro – Repeat * 100% uptime ** Use whenever 90+ charge *** Use Pyromancer's armor and use Cinder Burst for every single proc, this is your highest hitting ability. Fireball Macro: #Show Fireball suppressmacrofailures cast flame bolt cast fireball cast countdown cast ignite This macro is very efficient, when moving frequently, use it to apply ignite and countdown. When standing still, it will use flame bolt and fireball only. Remember to comment, rate and subscribe for more videos!

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