Rift 1.5 World Event Ashes of History- Test Shard

I popped onto the test shard to see what the next world event questline is all about. Part 1: The Song of Karine As the stones reactivate, strange sounds and music are heard coming from them. As an Ascended, only you are capable of fully understanding the message being sent by the ghost of Karine — Telara's first bard. Part 2: A Strange Alliance With Karine's warning fresh in their minds, it is discovered that The Golden Maw and The Wanton have formed an alliance and are using the Travel Stones for some nefarious purpose — this can't be good, and you must uncover the plot. Part 3: Building Bridges The Ascended must work to build their own (safe) Travel Gate to reach Ember Isle before The Golden Maw and The Wanton can execute their evil plan!

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