Mage Zoomancer ST DPS Link to Rift.Zam build: rift.zam.com This is your main macro, spam this at all times unless putting your DoTs on. (Necrosis + Looming Demise) #show Plague Bolt suppressmacrofailures petattack petcast Blood Spike petcast Soul Rend petcast Jagged Wound cast plague bolt Rotation: Necrosis ; Looming Demise ; Plague Bolt MACRO SPAM ; Spam until 100% charge ; Proc cooldowns IN THIS ORDER: Exhume ; Empty the Crypts ; Split Personality ; Lich Form As soon as you finish proccing your cooldowns, cast Necrosis again. This will cause all your mobs to attack your target. Then continue spamming your Plague Bolt macro. ALWAYS make sure necrosis + looming demise are on, if you read your pet's spells, you will understand why. Please understand, some dungeon/raid bosses will get rid of the Looming Demise debuff on them, but not the Necrosis. Use "Mana Wrench" if you need mana, I doubt you will though because Lich Form gives you mana back. Also use Grave Rot for extra AoE dps if needed. I also suggest you put "Plague Bolt", without the macro, somewhere in your ability bar incase your pet dies, otherwise you will have a nasty spam in your chat. (Telling you your pet is dead). Also, Feign Death is really handy incase your group is about to wipe icon smile RIFT 1.4 Mage Zoomancer HIGHEST SINGLE TARGET DPS **This build is designed for the HIGHEST *Single Target* DPS, if you are running dungeons, use Stormcaller/Elementalist, it has good single target + aoe dps**

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