My first Rift:Planes of Telara dungeon!! "Realm of the Fae" I healed it!

My husband got me a one year subscription to rift, and the collectors edition, I am a former 6 year world of warcraft player, i saw that trion was really working hard to get people to play, i got the collectors edition for $10.00! and a one year subscription for $107.00, cant beat that. This is the first dungeon to unlock at level 15 its called Realm of the Fae its an outdoor dungeon, the tank died once while i was healing in the very start of the dungeon. I did this as a purifier/sentinel class build, it was scary!, I have now changed to sentinel/warden for more aoe heals. I love rift, its definitely harder than wow, in every aspect, even questing, lol i die a lot! but the graphics are amazing, i find myself wandering around just enjoying telara's beauty, there is a 7 day free trial if you wanna try it!

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