Mutinous Dogs – King Molinar and Prince Dollin (RIFT) Hammerknell Fortress

Mutinous Dogs taking down King Molinar and Prince Dollin on the same day as taking down Grugonim, one of the lower Hammerknell Fortress boss'. Got them down in the first hour or hour and a half of progression on the bosses. Very impressed. I believe our head-bashing on Grugonim got us ready for King. We got both "Ghoul, Interrupted" for not allowing any Incorporeal Revenants from becoming Corporeal and "Double Regicide" for the usual boss kill. Our wipes beforehand were mainly caused by either too many people dying from Runic Feedback (the dots debuff on anyone who attacks when the shields are up), people dying after the Incorporeal Revenants became Corporeal (and hit like trucks) or whenever one of the tanks died due to los from heals. Once that was sorted and the calling out of Runic Feedback and Incorporeal Revenants was sorted, it was a relatively easy kill. For Runic Feedback, just have someone call it out. For Incorporeal Revenants, just have someone use a target + raid warning macro so all they have to do is hit the macro and they'll automatically target the Revenant and warn the rest of the raid to hit their macros as well. I love recording raids though, as they reveal to me what I did wrong/can improve on. For instance, I should have had a target macro for the Forgotten Stewarts so I didn't have to actually search for them. Unfortunately our raid time ended then and so many had to leave; the rest cleared trash until Estrode. She's more or less a freebie so we're <b>…</b>

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