minecraft is not for kids compared to you idiots cant even read

you think minecraft sucks ow wow your lazy then at makking your own videos if you wanna think minecraft sucks then make a video that is better than his morons proov it stupid/Because media profoundly affects our kids' social, emotional, and physical development, Common Sense Media rates media based on age appropriateness. We rely on developmental criteria from some of the nation's leading authorities to determine what content is appropriate for which ages. Our goal is to give you trustworthy information so that you can decide what works for your family. We know every family and every kid is different — but all families need information to make great media choices. Understanding our ratings For each title, we indicate the age for which a title is either appropriate or most relevant (as in, most likely your kids will see it) and assign an ON (age appropriate), PAUSE (somewhat edgy for the age), or OFF (not age appropriate) rating. ON: Content is appropriate for kids this age. PAUSE: Know your child, some content may not be right for some kids. OFF: Not appropriate for kids this age. NOT FOR KIDS: Not appropriate for kids any age. from minecraft 100% not for kids/I try not to swear while playing Minecraft when my kids are watching… Last week my seven year old son was watching me play and a creeper blew me up while I had a pack full of diamonds and other valuables a good distance from my base. I yelled out, "BUMB SHNICKER!!" which really doesn't make any sense but at least <b>…</b>

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