LoL – Support Leona – AZ 28 – High Elo 1900 – Speedzor

Teemo is a nightmare for Tanky DPS. Even if he' cute :3 Pros / Cons Pros Great Crowd Control – Versatile in the way she can apply the CC. – Zenith Blade goes THROUGH enemies and warps to the last one hit. No Body Blocking You from YOUR target if aimed properly. Built in Resistances – Allows for a more flexible build later game; while still allowing you to play the Primary Tank. Extremely good in her lane. – Thankfully, since bottom lane is the only place you should EVER see a serious Leona. Cons Can be difficult to master. – Her Solar Flare can be used very, very wrong. Extremely Team Dependent. – If your team doesn't take advantage of the opportunities you give them; gg. * This doesn't mean you should always blame them. COMMUNICATE!!! – Nearly every True Tank has this particular Con though. Requires PATIENCE; do not just try and MAKE things happen. Look for openings.. be patient. Teemo info: Facebook: Twitter: Signup (free) : signup.leagueoflegends.comy

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