Ivvan – Episode 3 – Battle For Codex – HD – (RIFT)

Back with a new build! After soloing the chronicles with a Champ/Pally/Reaver hybrid (my favorite soul combo) I joined a WF and for the heck of it tried it out solo. I was pretty pretty impressed to say the least! I tweaked it around to be a pure pvp build and what I came up with was 29 Champ/27 Pally/10 Reaver. Survivabilty is awesome, damage is suprisingly impressive, and the abilty to spread LW like the black plague is sick! This is now probably my favorite group WF build. You can do just about everything. Get a little support and you can really lay some hurt with this build. I grouped up with Jacknife (now rank 8 Cleric grats!) and we ran some awesome games. Later Pikkel logged on and we ran 3 man. Let me say Warrior tank/dps hybrid + 2 Inquisicars = death! We finished the night with myself and 4 Inquisicars. I couldn't even use the footage the ownage was just too much… Not sure a vid does this build justice but I threw together what I could to try and show it off. Nothing like topping damage and KB's while taking the most damage and having no deaths. icon smile Ivvan Episode 3 Battle For Codex HD (RIFT)

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