Is this friendship even worth saving?

Noire Asked: Is this friendship even worth saving?

One of my closest friends is actually quite the misinformed, intolerant person who doesn't have an ounce of respect for people who are much different from her. I am very sensitive when it comes to issues such as racism, homophobia, etc. The things she says hurts me on an almost personal level, and it has for years, but I never really got angry with her about it – I say 'Aw, come on, you can't judge people like that.' occasionally.

Recently, my best friend wrote a story where the two main characters, a couple, just happen to be a white man and a Native American woman- my friend criticized the very idea of her story because she does not think 'interracial' coupling is 'right.' When I asked her what was wrong with it she went on the defense 'Look it's my opinion!!! I just don't think it's right!'

I personally just can't see an intolerance for fellow human beings is just an opinion, and I told her exactly how I feel about her prejudice and her arrogance. Now she is angry with me for 'not respecting her opinions' and "blowing up" (i.e saying what I really think and feel) for 'no frigging reason!'
- We're high school Seniors, but instead of handling her frustrations like a mature nineteen year old – she has decided to stop talking to us, huff at the mere sight of us, block us on Facebook, etc.

That's the main aspect that's put a rift in our friendship – but most aspects of her personality have been grating my nerves for years now and my closest friend and I have been voicing our problems with her for a while – she really isn't a good friend at all but we have been close since fourth grade and I feel a twinge of guilt over this, cutting ties when we've been friends for so long.


roseannetbverizonnet Answered:
You should respect her opinion, we all can't think the same, It would be good if you and she could be cordial to each other, it would be a shame to lose a old friend like this. Then sometimes we just out grow one another! Let her know that you still love the relationship that the two of you had, just stay in touch.

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