Is SWTOR Worth buying?

Nicholas Asked: Is SWTOR Worth buying?

So i have been looking for a new MMO to play for a long time now. I want something that will take up more of my down time. I have been into mmos a long time and my pc is set up now for some high quality gaming. I was really into Lineage 2, and private servers for AION, and I played tons of free MMOs. Lineage 2 i played for like 5 years and loved it. But i never did get into WoW. Now that SWTOR is out, its all i hear about, and this guy at work is always talking about it. I watched gameplay videos and im just not sure if it will be my thing or not. What do you guys think? Is it worth paying the money to buy and play it? What is it like? What is the control scheme like? Combat? Is it worth shelling out the 60 bucks to start it? I heard the level cap is low and easy to reach? And that companions make it so you dont even need to play with other players? Doesnt that make it less fun? I just dont know. Im between this, RIFT, and AION.


Open Answered:
yes , it very interesting game , you can to www.swtor4credits.comto get Cheap Swtor Credits.

steve Answered:
you could do like i did with dc universe and just wait until it becomes a free to play game

Jezzikah Answered:
If you are a casual player who likes to levels a lot of alts you will enjoy SW:TOR.But if you're mainly into end game content and competitive PvP you should stay away from it. Almost all of the hardcore PvPers and progressive PvEers left SWTOR already since it lacks endgame content and has one of the worse PvP systems I have seen in a MMO.

Since you really liked Aion you should check out TERA that releases on May 1st. You can also sign up for the Beta or preorder the game which also gives you access to all of the remaining Betas and head start.

here is the link to the Tera website.

Flame Answered:
yes it worth to buy , to a good website to get a cheap price.

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