Palestine: Death, destruction, pain, injustice… Palestinians are suffering with that every day. People are forced to live on streets and humiliated by Israelis. Palestine versus Israel: 2 Questions need to be addressed… 1-Why Israel rejects to recognize Palestine statehood? 2-What are the excuses for Israeli occupying Gaza Trip and West Bank? From the Israeli point of view, it is Palestinian government that refuses to recognize the existence of Israel state, therefore there is no reason for Israel to accept a so called Palestine statehood. As Bogie Ya'alon-Israeli Deputy said in his speech about the Israel security, "the core of Israel-Palestine conflict is not the size of Israel or its border, it's their reluctance to recognize our right to exist as the nation state of Jewish people" (Bogie Ya'alon, 2011) Moreover, because Palestine became aggressively threats to Israel security when they conducted "operation, rocket-launcher and thousands of them from the Gaza Trip" (Bogie Ya'alon, 2011), that is why Israel government has to take some parts of Gaza and West Bank for self-defense purpose. And as a result, Israel needs to build their own defensible borders. For Israel, if Palestine wants to be recognized, they need to negotiate bilaterally with Israel (Bogie Ya'alon, 2011). To ensure their security, Israel put key areas of Gaza and West Bank under their control. "Every state has right to self-defense and to secure border to protect itself from hostile invasion and <b>…</b>

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