Ice Age Village – iPad 2 – HD Gameplay Trailer

Ice Age Village by Gameloft Life in the Ice Age was peaceful. Sloths were slothing and mammoths were… mammothing. All the animals were happy in their frigid habitat, living in a perfect glacial harmony. But little did they know that underneath the surface, the planet was going through some big changes… A rumble here, a crack there… And then, one day, a tiny acorn and a persistent squirrel changed the whole world… forever. Scrat's hunt for his acorn has created an unexpected rift under the village, leaving it in ruins! But Manny, Ellie, Diego and Sid have decided to build a new village for all the refugee animals. Help them in this epic challenge, and get ready for tons of surprises! ENTER THE ICE AGE UNIVERSE • Immerse yourself in the unique world of the Ice Age movies and interact with all your beloved heroes! • Play through a series of quests and mini-games featuring everyone's favorite mischief-maker, Scrat. • Thanks to the collaboration between Gameloft and Blue Sky Studios (the creators of Ice Age) this game delivers all the fun and laughter of the movies. SIMPLY THE BEST SIMULATION GAME EVER • Build the most beautiful and bustling village for all the creatures of the ice world! • Level-up to gain access to plenty of new animal species, new buildings, unique decorations and much more. • Funny quests, side missions, and additional daily challenges will never cease to amaze you! LET YOUR FRIENDS JOIN THE FESTIVITIES! • Invite your friends to play! Just visit <b>…</b>

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