Guild Wars 2 PVP: Maven Tournament Gameplay [Ep. 1]

My 1st video in a series showing 5v5 tournament play with my guild Maven in GW2. This was the 2nd round in one of the two tourneys that I ran on the last night of BWE3. We started the match with 4 players, so we had to play conservative while our 5th player was rebooting his computer. This video includes the game audio and Vent dialogue, instead of my usual narration, so that you can hear the real-time interaction between my team mates. A narrated version of this video will follow this one, so subscribe to receive the next update. Highlights: 0:59 – after dying to a Mesmer who used his IWIN button (aka the Elite skill Moa Bird), I take revenge and cap the node 1:51 – I manage to flip Clock Tower while it was being defended by a Guardian. I used Rifle 5 and Fear Me to twice knock him off the platform and force him to take a long route to get back up, and I Crippled him 3 times to buy time for the cap One thing you'll notice about our opponents is that the Mesmer ("Mesmer") and Warrior ("Samwise") were spec'd as glass cannons and took a lot of damage when hit. In the video I am spec'd with my "Run and Gun" Warrior build, which has been fully updated to account for changes in BWE3: For more discussion on this video, please see the blog article: PS yes, I did play Mesmer over the weekend and will be posting a video. Stay tuned. For more Guild Wars 2 content, subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Twitter. Cheers, Taugrim Twitter: <b>…</b>

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