Guild Wars 2: Guardian & Ranger PvP Duo – Part I [HD]

Hello! I'm giving you one of the best PvP vids I've done so far. The action takes place in GW2 @ late night of Sunday/22 , beta event #3. The footage here was captured using Fraps , and edited in Sony Vegas Pro 10. I'm planning to keep making those videos if I see they got enough intrest to do so, also realeasing some "Guardian Guides" so subscribe ^^ subscribe good people! Thanks to ivlin for being awesome party-member , had lot's of good fun and without his participation this video wouldn't be created. For anyone of there wondering who are we – we are veteran MMO players ( gw1,warhammer online,aion,swtor,rift ) that are interested in Hardcore style of gameplay. This time we are planning to make impact on gw2 scene not only by dominating the WvWvW and sPvP scene but also by helping out the community with whatever is in our force ( guidies , interviews , videos , crafting and so on ) Quick shoutout for Team Paradadigm , and Azshene that motivated or should I say inspired me to make this video. In mmo games it's a lot about community and I like what you guys doing for it , the guidies , videos , interviews , discussion nights are simply amazing and I hope you will keep up the good work. Arenanet made an amazing game and I highly recommend it to anyone that likes tactical games with elements of dexterity. My build: ***Notification*** Due to messing around with builds I was actually running 0/0/30/30/0 , yes with 10 points UNSPENT ( simply forgot to reapply <b>…</b>

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